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Syrah Viognier Bundle

Syrah Viognier Bundle

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A special offer of two of our most loved wines to kick-start your spring! 

Each bundle includes:

3 bottles of our 2019 Viognier + 3 bottles of our 2017 Syrah-Viognier.

The inspiration for the Syrah-Viognier blend comes from the Côte Rôtie appellation of the northern Rhône Valley. Traditionally, a proportion of Viognier was added to the Syrah to contribute to the brilliance of the colour and to add complexity to the aroma. 

In recent years, the Viognier grape has been on the rise as a stand-alone wine, revealing its unique varietal character in perfumy and elegant wines of extraordinarily quality.

Discover the synergy of these two varieties with this special spring offer!

* $10 discount for ordering more than one bundle *